Artist Statement

Inspired by lyrical lines and lively colors, my paintings develop out of feeling for the forms and colors of the landscape. My hope with the images is to reflect the motifs of rural life and to express the range of moods found in Beethoven's pastoral music. I hope that the paintings become dynamic windows reflecting varied facets with each view.

Often the work develops from vague sketches that explore the emotions of an experience and a place.  Painting sometimes enters a spiritual or imaginative exploration into the world of archetypes. I am inspired by the abundance of water in the New England landscape. My interest is in both capturing an image, and in participating in creation as a vital force of nature.

New work explores landscape as a voice of nature’s expression, a force with its own destiny, a vitality perhaps even at odds with humankind.  I am exploring nature as personified in all of its wonderful, lusty and terrible expressions through the landscape.

I have studied at Augustus Saint Gauden’s former studio for the past four seasons. In addition to this figurative work, I have a body of poetical sculptures that address the absurdities and difficulties of relationships.  Sculptural work informs my painting, and develops my sense of nature's turgidity.  Likewise, painting has become a two dimentional sculpture.

I exhibit work regularly, and can be found represented in a growing number of private collections around the country. His work has been described with a variety of incongruous adjectives: “whimsical”, “reproachable”, “traditional”, “bizarre” and “wonderfully colorful”;  in short, a testimony to everyone’s’ interpretations.  Creative projects gestate about his home in Hartland, and at the historic Woolen Mill in his White River Junction Studio.