aCatalogue (ATTentive CATALOGUE)



Attentive Displays Ltd announced today the launch of aCatalogue (Attentive Catalogue). This software offering can be easily customized to fit the needs of many different types of businesses. The aCatalogue software is particularly suitable for public displays in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and on shop windows. It combines seamlessly with our hardware offerings for a turn-key interactive display solution. Below is the screenshot of an interactive implementation of a restaurant menu.

aCatalogue is either preconfigured with multimedia content for our customers (either provided by them or created by our interactive content development team) or it could be purchased as a stand-alone software programme to be used with user-made content. In both cases aCatalogue can be used with various display technology, including but not limited to touch screen, gesture-driven, motion-driven, and attention-driven displays.