Attentive Displays is a leading provider of consultancy and software development services in the field of attentive displays, eye-tracking based systems and data and information visualisation solutions.

Attentive Displays is a privately owned company. It has offices in the UK and USA and a research and software development lab based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company has an outstanding team of advisers and consultants and a network of partners from around the world.


Mr Atanas Topalov, Managing Director

Dr Stavri Nikolov, Founder and Principal Technology Adviser

Dr Stavri Nikolov is a Founder of Attentive Displays Ltd and its Principal Technology Adviser. From the formation of the company in 2007 until October 2009 he was Attentive Displays' Managing Director and Head of Research. Prior to founding Attentive Displays Ltd, from 1998 until 2007, Dr Nikolov was a Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow in Image Processing at the University of Bristol, UK. His research interests over the years have spanned several areas including image analysis, image fusion, computer graphics, new methods for data visualisation and navigation, the use of gaze-tracking and VR in 2-D and 3-D image analysis and understanding, and the construction of attentive and interactive information displays. In the last 15 years he has participated in many international and national research projects in Austria, Portugal, Bulgaria and the UK, in image processing, analytical data processing, medical imaging, image fusion, and gaze-contingent data visualisation and analysis. He has published more than 65 refereed or invited papers, including eight invited book chapters, and also numerous technical reports in these areas. He has also given many invited lectures around the world on image processing, image fusion and information visualisation. Dr Nikolov has undertaken consultancies for a number of major European companies and has taken part in the development of various software systems. He is the creator and co-ordinator of The Online Resource for Research in Image Fusion ( and The Online Archive of Scanpath Data (, together with Dr Jeff Pelz from RIT, USA. Dr Nikolov is a member of the British Machine Vision Association, the Applied Vision Association, the International Society of Information Fusion, ACM SIGGRAPH and IEEE. He is the Founding Director of the Digital Spaces Living Lab ( in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Mr Boris Menkov, Founder and Interactive Media Director

Mr Boris Menkov is a Founder of Attentive Displays Ltd and its Interactive Media Director. He is also the Managing Partner of Rapan LLC, a computer animation studio in the USA providing creative content for the Entertainment Industry and the Web. An architect by trade, Mr Menkov has worked in the field of interactive media for the past ten years. More information about his current work can be found at ( Prior to founding Rapan, Mr Menkov has worked for Instill Corporation as a manager of UI Design and Usability and Sony Interactive (Psygnosis Division) as an Art Director. Mr Menkov holds a MArch from Miami University and a BA from Williams College, USA.


Dr Paul Masri, Sales Director and Consultant

masriPaul Masri received his BEng in Electronic Engineering (University of Bristol, UK) in 1991. His PhD entitled “Computer Modelling of Sound for Transformation and Synthesis of Musical Signals” was awarded in 1997 by University of Bristol. In 2000, he co-created (with Joel Laird) a permanent, interactive exhibit at the London Science Museum demonstrating physical modelling of drums. His research interests are interactive devices and systems for the creative arts. In 2001 he established a web development company ( that aspires to push the boundaries of what can be achieved for business online. Dr Masri is technology consultant to Attentive Displays Ltd in the areas of digital audio and sound. Outside of work he can often be found on the salsa dance floors of Bristol.

Mr Vladin Mitov, Interactive Interfaces Designer

veskoMr Vladin Mitov is a multimedia designer who lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated Sofia Art College in classical animation. In the early 90s he was involved in many TV productions creating multimedia and animations on an Amiga Commodore using Scala MM 200, Deluxe Paint, Brilliance and Imagine. In the late 90s he founded Electric Dog ( – a studio for computer game multimedia and animation. Electric Dog has successfully taken part in the development of many games and multimedia projects for Hasbro Interactive, Mattel Interactive, Gateway Learning Corporation, Atari, THQ, Infogrames and Nickelodeon. More information about these projects could be found at Since 2005 Vladin works as a graphic and usability designer. Vladin is Attentive Display's Interactive Interfaces Designer.

Mr Ivo Leonkev, Interactive Advertising Specialist

veskoIvo has more than 15 years experience in the advertising business and in particular in managing various advertising projects. His research interests span advertising, PR communications and nonverbal communications. He has organized and participated in many art, theatre and advertising projects as an art director or/and technical manager (see for information about some past projects). Ivo holds an MSc in Chemistry (1987) from Sofia University, an MA (1998) from the Theatre Department of the National Academy of Theatre and Film, and an MSc in PR Communications (2001) from Sofia University.




Univesity of Bristol, UK
Leeds University, UK
Griffith University, Australia
New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria

Content and Web Design
Rapan, USA
World Without Walls, UK
Ablen, Bulgaria
Electric Dog
Chaos Group

Usability Studies
HiLab Usability Lab, Bulgaria
SRLabs, Italy