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16 June 2009

Attentive Displays Ltd shall help Ontotext AD to design and develop new techniques and interfaces for RDF graph and linked data visualisation and exploration. Ontotext is a leading developer of core semantic technology with applications in multiple areas, among which: Web Mining, Information Integration, Information Extraction and Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Media Research, and Life Sciences.

25 May 2009

Attentive Displays Ltd announced today that in collaboration with HiLab, NBU, it has completed an extensive gaze-tracking and performance evaluation study of web content distribution and social network software platform for Favit Networks Ltd ( The study looked at how users perform a number of typical tasks with and analysed their eye movements.

2 April 2009

Following the creation of the Digital Spaces Living Lab (DSLL) in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the autumn of 2008, the new Living Lab has started a diverse programme of activities. These were announced at the official opening of the Digital Spaces Living Lab tonight at the Sofia Art Gallery, which was followed by the fist interactive workshop organised by DSLL and Favit Network, entitled 'favit: Efficient Distribution of Web Content'. Attentive Displays Ltd is the organisation 'hosting' DSLL and coordinating and managing it as a special programme on behalf of its members. DSLL is an active member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).

20 March 2009

Attentive Displays has selected Phosphorus Advertising Workshop as its main interactive advertising systems partner in Bulgaria.

15 January 2009

GfK Bulgaria in collaboration with Attentive Displays Ltd has started offering a range of retail analytics services in Bulgaria using various smart sensors. Such services include people counting, eye-ball counting, gaze-tracking and multi-sensor video analytics in various public spaces, e.g. supermarkets, shopping malls, business centres, airports and train stations, retail venues, etc.

14 December 2008

A team of researchers from Attentive Displays Ltd, the University of Bristol, UK, and Hilab, New Bulgarian University, have carried out a unique experiment in the Foreign Art Museum and the Murgash Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria to see how people view paintings in different art galleries. Using a wearable eye-tracker and remote video cameras viewers' behaviour and eye movements have been recorded and are being analysed.

25 November 2008

A consortium of industrial, academic and media partners, lead by Attentive Displays Ltd, have founded the Digital Spaces Living Lab in Sofia, Bulgaria. Following a successful application the Digital Spaces Living Lab has joined the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). The news was announced tonight at the Gala Event of the ICT 2008 Conference in Lyon, France. Dr Stavri Nikolov of Attentive Displays Ltd is the Founding Director of the Digital Spaces Living Lab.

10 November 2008

Mr Ivo Leonkev has joined Attentive Displays' team. He will be in charge of the Interactive and Attentive Advertising division of the company for Eastern Europe.

1 November 2008

Attentive Displays has joined forces with Tri De to bring interactive and attentive advertising to different retail and business venues in Bulgaria.

31 October 2008

Attentive Displays wins second prize (highest prize in this category) in the Offline Multimedia category (interactive multimedia, interactive installations and computer games) at the Computer Space 2008 Festival for its Advertising Attentive Display (Interactive Hyavita). Computer Space is one of the biggest and most significant events for computer arts in South-Eastern Europe.

26 October 2008

You can have a sneak preview of Attentive Displays' new aMovies (Attentive Movies) software on 1 November 2008 (Saturday) at the Czech Cultural Centre in Sofia where aMovies will be used as part of an interactive display at the Computer Space 2008 Festival to showcase the submitted and nominated computer animations.

20 October 2008

Attentive Displays' new aMovies (Attentive Movies) software will make its public debut in Bulgaria at the biggest Bulgarian Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) expo – BAIT Expo 2008. The aMovies software will be used to showcase ICT Media's publications as part of their stand at BAIT Expo 2008. ICT Media is Bulgaria's leading ICT publisher. Come to ICT Media's stand at BAIT Expo 2008 between 4-8 November to see aMovies in action.

15 October 2008

Attentive Displays Ltd is pleased to announce the creation of four divisions within the Company. The Interactive and Attentive Advertising division will be headed by Mr Boris Menkov. The Retail and Advertising Analytics division will be headed by Mr Alexander Gerganov. The Attentive Display Software division and the Interactive Digital Signage division will be headed by Dr Stavri Nikolov.

6 October 2008

Dr Stavri Nikolov of Attentive Displays Ltd, UK, will give an invited talk at the Retail in Detail Conference in Sofia on 11 November 2008. The title of his presentation is "Attentive and interactive advertising: Watching you watching me, changing you changing me". The lecture will present a review of interactive and attentive advertising systems developed and deployed in recent years around the world.

5 October 2008

Some initial results and findings from the "Digital Maps for Public Displays" research project, a collaboration between the BS8 Human Factors Group at the University of Bristol, UK, and Attentive Displays Ltd, shall be presented at the Skövde Workshop on Information Fusion Topics (SWIFT 2008), Skövde, Sweden, 4-6 November, 2008.

1 October 2008

Mr Alexander Gerganov has joined Attentive Displays' team. He will be in charge of retail analytics studies and applications using various smart sensors.

12 August 2008

Attentive Displays Ltd, Bulgaria, has become a reseller of Irisys' People Counting solutions for Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Turkey.

16 June 2008

Attentive Displays has announced the launch of its first two interactive software products – aCatalogue (Attentive Catalogue) and aMovies (Attentive Movies). The two easily configurable interactive multimedia catalogues could be used with various display technology, including but not limited to touch screen, gesture-driven, motion-driven, and attention-driven displays. The aCatalogue software is suitable for public displays in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and on shop windows, while aMovies is aimed at clients such as cinemas, galleries, museums, film festivals and shopping centres. Attentive Displays has also started selling customised solutions using aCatalogue and aMovies to select clients around the world. More information about aCatalogue and aMovies can be found in our Products section.

9 June 2008

Dr Jian Li and Mr Vladin Mitov have joined Attentive Displays’ team of consultants. Dr Li acts as technology consultant to Attentive Displays Ltd in the area of real-time motion estimation, while Mr Mitov helps the company develop new interactive interfaces.

4 May 2008

Attentive Displays Ltd announced today the launch of its first Advertising Attentive Display as ordeded by Reforma Advertising Agency. The Advertising Attentive Display takes the art of advertising to another level by offering full gesture-driven (in the current implementation) and body-driven interactive experience to the viewer. The system is the first of its kind in Bulgaria and was developed specifically for the advertising campaign for Hyavita (a new beauty product from Actavis which contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E and facilitates smoothing wrinkles out). The advertising concept was developed by Reforma Advertising Agency. The system generated tremendous interest among the shoppers and visitors, frequently leading to queues in front of the display. The system can be seen in the atrium of Mall of Sofia until the end of May, 2008. Photographs and a video of the system in action can be found here.

25 December 2007

Attentive Displays Ltd, Bulgaria, and HiLab (, New Bulgarian University, will collaborate to study how split screen displays affect eye movements.

20 December 2007

Attentive Displays Ltd has become one of the main supporters of the project. The Online Archive of Scanpath Data ( is hosted by the Center for Imaging Science, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), USA. Its mission is to provide the research community with a central online repository of scanpath (eye-movement) data gathered by different laboratories and companies around the world in various experiments and applications. Eight new eye-movement data sets, contributed by Prof Mike Land of Sussex University, UK, have been added to in December 2007, with the financial support of euCognition (The European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems). These data sets include scanpaths of people making tea, driving a car, playing cricket, drawing a portrait, playing jigsaw puzzle, attending a party, and playing table tennis. A detailed report describing and all available data sets could be found on the euCognition web site

10 December 2007

Attentive Displays Ltd, Bulgaria, has become a reseller of Taxan DLP projectors and Sanyo LCD projectors.

10 December 2007

Attentive Displays Ltd, Bulgaria, has become a reseller of Projecta's Digital Signage projection film and other products.

30 October 2007

Attentive Displays provided Gensoft with a custom Attentive Kiosk for the Fall Fair in Plovdiv.

5 August 2007

Digital Spaces (, a programme of public lectures co-organised by the The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate and Attentive Displays Ltd, has been nominated as the best e-Content example from Bulgaria for the World Summit Award Global Contest in the e-Inclusion category (see Bulgarian WSA site site for more information)

2 August 2007

Attentive Displays Ltd will collaborate with researchers from the Human Factors Group at Bristol University (led by Prof Jan Noyes) to study what is the relevant information people use for different tasks when working with multi-layered maps presented on personal and public displays.

1 August 2007

Dr Stavri Nikolov is going to teach a short one-week course on interactive and attentive information displays in December 2007 to undergraduate and graduate students in computer science, cognitive science and design at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria. More details about this course coming soon.

18 June 2007

Attentive Displays Ltd will become the main supporter of the project (The Online Resource for Research in Image Fusion). The mission of is to provide the multi-sensor and multi-modal image fusion research community with a central online repository of image fusion and video fusion resources, including publications, test images and videos, software, demonstrations, etc.

5 June 2007

Attentive Displays Ltd will move its software research and development office in Sofia, Bulgaria, to new premises in September 2007.

15 May 2007

Dr Mike Jones of Google, Australia, and Dr Stavri Nikolov of Attentive Displays Ltd, UK, have been invited to write a book chapter describing their joint work in the last 5-6 years on gaze-contingent volume rendering. The book chapter, which will appear in a forthcoming book entitled "Computer-Aided Eye Monitoring" (edited by Dr Riad Hammoud), to be published later this year by Springer-Verlag, describes what is believed to be the first ever gaze-contingent display for exploration of (3-D) volumetric data.

23 April 2007

Dr Stavri Nikolov of Attentive Displays Ltd, UK, will be the Programme Director of the new Digital Spaces Programme ( Digital Spaces is a series of public lectures, interactive sessions and an annual exhibition that bring together leading computer and communications technology researchers and developers from Bulgaria and around the world. The aim of the programme is to present cutting-edge, disruptive and interactive digital technologies to the young and curious people in Bulgaria.

3 April 2007

Attentive Displays Ltd will work in close collaboration with teams from Bristol University (lead by Prof Tom Troscianko and Dr Iain Gilchrist) and Leeds University (lead by Prof David Hogg) in the next three years to develop novel attentive multi-display walls for CCTV control rooms. Attentive Displays will be the main industrial partner in this recently started major research project entitled “Human Attention and Machine Learning”, which is jointly funded by the EPSRC and The Welcome Trust as part of the Cognitive Systems Foresight Initiative. This project aims to study human perception of complex, multi-screen displays, such as those used in CCTV control rooms.

23 January 2007

HiLab (, New Bulgarian University, and Attentive Displays have started jointly offering usability studies of TV and printed advertisements using eye-tracking technology to various clients in Bulgaria. If you would like to learn more about this exciting new opportunity please refer to our offer (in Bulgarian) describing the different services we offer.

June 1, 2006

Attentive Displays and HiLab (, New Bulgarian University , have agreed to start a new partnership. Dr Stavri Nikolov of Attentive Displays will become a scientific adviser to HiLab in the area of eye tracking and information visualisation. HiLab and Attentive Displays will be undertaking usability studies for various clients in Eastern Europe of TV/printed advertisements and billboards using eye-tracking technology. HiLab will perform usability tests with some of Attentive Displays' new products.

March 10, 2006

Attentive Display was shortlisted for the Bristol University's 2006 New Enterprise Competition. A total of 76 projects were entered and today ten were shortlisted to go through to the final stages and the chance of winning the overall prize. (Read More)